Cracking About The New Google Nest Home Speaker

Cracking About The New Google Nest Home Speaker

Pocket-lint stated that Google Home is the oldest invention of Google’s speakers. And it is popular for providing exceptional quality. Thus, the latest design of the speaker, which is smaller in size,  exceeds the later one.

Pixel 4a and the upcoming Pixel 5 are prolific but recently, the speaker with a codename Prince is well acknowledged.

The original was introduced in 2016, many netizens are anticipating for the upcoming new model. Maybe, you’re itching to know about the appearance of the new Google Nest Home. 

We will now spill a tea about the Google Nest Home speaker. If interested, let’s continue reading.

Launching Date

Before August 2020 ends– the expected release date.

Within 2020, there are many chances that Google can launch their devices but they choose not to. Yet, we are still looking forward to many devices like the new Android TV dongle, Pixel 5, and the new Google Home smart speaker. Pixel 4a is also on the waiting list until it was launched on the third day of August.

Many believe that Google will release its latest devices of speakers in October 2020. This winds up the company to get a suggestion of  July 13 as its launching date.

Cracking About The New Google Nest Home Speaker

But, the event didn’t occur on its expected date. Roland Quandt stated that the date will move by the end of August 2020. That’s the new date to look forward to.

Design And Structure

Google formally confirmed it. It has a 215 x 150 x 60mm approx in two color selections.

There were rumors last June that the new Nest Speaker will launch under the Nest brand.  Yet, it did not happen until July. It was said that the design of this speaker will show a creative style.

When mid-July came, many expected the official announcement of its launching but instead, the beginning of Google’s new daily special promotion came out.

The new device passes from lots of regulatory boards like FCC and Japanese equivalents. Because of the pictures circulating online,  there is already a hint about what it looks like.

Until Google officially shows the real pictures and video of the new speaker. Thus, killing the rumors that are spreading.

Now that the pictures and videos of Google’s new smart speaker are already exposed by the PR team, we already have a hint about the upcoming new generation of Google Home. 

The design of the speaker is much the same as the Nest Mini and Nest Hub devices. It has a medium-size, wrapped in mesh, and provides you basic controls. It offers you two colors: a grey and pink version.

Size is one of the most noticeable differences from the original Google. The new Google Nest Home has a possible size of 8.6 inches long while the original has a size of 5.6 inches long. Another noticeable difference is the shape. Rather than bloated chips can, the new Google Home’s appearance is like a very uncomfortable pillow. In addition, the whole thing is covered in fabric rather than a plastic top and a fabric-covered bottom. Actually, it looks like a Google Home Max instead of a Google Home.

While talking to Google Assistant, there are usually four LEDs on its front like the other Nest speakers.

Cracking About The New Google Nest Home Speaker

Regulatory filing declared that the speaker has a measurement of 215 x 150mm. It has an estimated depth of around 60mm. Although, it is yet uncertain. It is presented as a rounded cuboid with a mute switch that is visible on the rear.  And also, it has a rubber base below, and a socket for the power on its back. 


It features a stereo pairing and Google Assistant.

This speaker is in an authorized family of devices so we already know how powerful it is. Mainly, Google Assistant is in charge of its activation and controlled by using the Google Home app on your phone. It has all the ability that other devices have that’s why it’s not hard for you to add it to other speaker groups all over your home with many taps.

This is also compatible with Bluetooth so if you want a separate Bluetooth speaker, it will work. You can control it through your voice, not physical controls. Yet, we anticipated some form of motion detection for tap communication.

According to the teaser video that Google has shown, the speaker was formed into two. Instead of grouping, it is produced for a stereo pairing. The primary leak for this speaker is being compared to the Sonos One, recommending that is the type of space where Google proceeds.

The whole fabric covering and shape signify that this device is more geared for better sound quality. It would be great if this speaker contains the 360-degree capability. It means that it can blast sound from all sides like the Google Home Max. It is shown in the video the speakers backed up to a wall so maybe it lacks 360 capabilities. But, it will function as dual-stereo speakers.

The video shows a woman who places the Google device on the table without plugging it in. In addition, a child is bringing the device around the end of the video. It means that this speaker is portable. You can simply charge it with a power cord and keep the power in an internal battery pack. It has a bigger size and lots of features as well.


It has a cost of around €100 (£89/$117).

The leaker Roland Quandt stated that the new Google Nest Home speaker device will cost about 100 Euros. It is a better cost knowing that Google Home is obtainable for £89 in the UK. You can’t find it in the US though.

The costs of Amazon Echo are around £89/$99. If you want it to boost in the business industry, that’s the kind of price that you must apply.

Cracking About The New Google Nest Home Speaker

Yet, the price of Sonos One is double compared to that speaker.

They’re presenting a new sale every day. Buyers can use the promotion code GOOGLESTORE2DAY to have free two-day shipping on all orders through September 6.

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