Controlling Smart Home Gadgets With Alexa

Controlling Smart Home Gadgets With Alexa

Controlling and managing smart home gadgets and devices has now become easier and more innovative with Alexa. This can be done even with no voice commands.

Not being at home usually gives you so many doubts and thoughts in your mind. You might wonder if you set the home security alarm properly, turn the cooker off, or perhaps wondering if the kids are watching TV or working on their school works. Fortunately, a smart home saves you from all the problems and worries with an instant look on your mobile phone or your tablet. You can also connect home appliances and gadgets so you can effortlessly connect, communicate and regulate your smart home.

Controlling Smart Home Gadgets With Alexa

Homeowners usually give commands using a remote control, voice, or apps but with Alexa, this can now be done even with no voice commands. If you aim to take full control of your smart home as well as your gadgets and devices, there is no better way to do it than Alexa. Amazon Alexa is a specially designed virtual assistant artificial intelligence technology created by Amazon. This is capable of setting alarms, providing real-time information, controlling many different smart home devices used in home automation systems, and more.

Get to Know the Newest Alexa Hunches Special Feature

Amazon takes pride in successfully developing the newest feature known as “hunches”. Such a feature allows Alexa to complete tasks at home proactively. These tasks may include turning the lighting of your smart home off depending on users’ frequent demands and behaviors.

Things You Need to Know About Alexa Hunches

Alexa Hunches are known as a special feature that was introduced in 2018 in the US. Hunches are known to provide recommendations for compatible devices and gadgets in your home. Taking for instance if smart home lights are still on and you’ve decided to call it a night, Alexa will do the job for you by simply turn off the lights. But make sure to confirm Alexa can execute action before this happens. Confirming this can be done if you tap on your phone’s notifications or reply to Alexa’s clear response.

Some people are also asking if Alexa can be easily set as a choice of default. The answer is definitely yes. Users need to turn Alexa off or else their gadgets will resort to the utilization of hunches. Nevertheless, it’s the only feature that requires the permission of the users to act on Alexa’s hunch. You should opt-in to gadgets enabled by Alexa in taking automatic or programmed actions depending on established hunches. You don’t really need to ask permission each time you do so.

Moreover, Amazon is currently working really hard so that these actions would all be programmed or turned automatic. This will surely minimize the number of transactions people need to make with the voice assistant of Amazon. This will also make usage on an everyday basis hassle-free, smoother, and more convenient.

Alexa Hunches Function With More Smart Home Devices and Gadgets

With Alexa, smart home devices can now be regulated not only with voice but also with voiceless commands. Alexa does a great job in expanding gadgets’ capabilities and paves the way for making pleasant experiences for lights, cameras, locks, thermostats, and switches. The list of Alexa-connected gadgets continues to grow as well as the smart home features and capabilities. This delivers delightful and rich customer experiences for all gadgets and devices.

When it comes to Alexa Hunches, these will also work on various devices commonly found in smart homes such as smart lights, thermostats, locks, and more. But people need to keep in mind that Hunches are actually distinct from Routines. These are user-programmed automation merely dependent on assumptions of Alexa instead of routines made beforehand.

Controlling Smart Home Gadgets With Alexa

Turning Alexa Hunches On and Off

There are essential things that need to be done and remembered to ultimately use and benefit from Alexa. These might include knowing the right ways on how to turn Alexa and on and off.

Turning the Alexa Hunches on

Alexa Hunches are often enabled through default. If you don’t want to be asked before you make an action, ensure that you’ll switch the app’s automatic actions. The next step is to open the application and tap more. Upon doing so, you need to select the settings and do some scrolling down.

You then need to choose Hunches. Automatic actions and what you really want to enable must be carefully chosen. The choice you make will depend on the compatible devices that are installed in your smart home. Ending up with the right choice assures that you can manage and use these devices in easier, more reliable, and convenient ways.

Turning the Alexa Hunches off

You must ask Alexa if you want to turn off the hunches. The Alexa application is also a possible choice for those who want to modify the settings manually. By manually adjusting the Alexa Hunches, gives users the advantage of controlling which gadgets Amazon Alexa can interact proactively according to the hunches. Moreover, some steps need to be followed in adjusting the settings of Alexa hunches directly from Amazon.

Taking for instance the home lights, these can be turned off by Alexa each night after requesting permission to initiate the action. Amazon Alexa can be enabled to turn those lights off also without the need to ask in the app settings. Turning off the proactive Alexa hunches also work for locks and thermostats. This is an amazing benefit to Alexa owners who want to make use of the hunches feature but just for their carefully chosen devices.

You can also just say “disable hunches” to disable the feature or you can open the app. Choose settings and search for the marked hunches feature and deactivate it. These impressive and functional hunches feature is available only in the United States.

Controlling Smart Home Gadgets With Alexa


Smart homes offer plenty of great benefits. One of the major benefits is managing your gadgets in one place. With Alexa, taking full control of your gadgets and devices has also become simpler and more effective. With the newest Alexa hunches feature, home gadget control and home automation become a lot better since this feature allows regulating smart home devices even without voice commands.

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