Best Solar Powered Security and Motion Lights

We have so many extremely creative and innovative ways of brightening our house or an apartment. One of these ways is solar-powered lights, and the options with them are endless. Smart Homes Reviews Team has chosen the Best Solar Powered Security and Motion Lights on the market for our readers. Enjoy the read and choose wisely!

Why Should I Get Best Solar Powered Security and Motion Lights?

First, let’s go over some of the reasons how these solar-powered lights can brighten your living space:

– Lightning up outside space for security reasons;

– Illuminating the walkways;

– Brightening your garage in the evening;

– Illuminating your beautiful garden at night;

– Perfecting your house looks at night with outdoor accent lights;

– Improving your deck – whether its a staircase or your balcony.

There are many more reasons for how you can use your lights. The solar-powered lights are easy to install; they are affordable and eco-friendly. This product can be used anywhere since it doesn’t require any wiring.

With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to choose the right one for your house. Smart Homes Reviews Team is here to help.

How do Solar Powered Security and Motion Lights Work?

All you need to do is to hang them somewhere with access to sunlight during the day – and there you go! These lights convert the energy they gained during the day to LED light at night. With Passive Infra-Red Sensors, they can detect the motion and light up as a result of that. This function is activated only at dawn. Whenever there is no motion detected they stay turned off.

Best Solar Powered Security and Motion Lights

Best Solar Powered Security and Motion Lights

Our team had an opportunity to test the best solar-powered lights on the market. We came up with a list of ones that passed multiple tests for sturdiness, speed, and time of activity. Here are some of the best solar powered security and motion lights that Smart Homes Reviews Team selected just for you:

#1 Ludius Solar Outdoor Lights

Best Solar Powered Security and Motion Lights

The best solar-powered light, hands down. Ludius Solar Outdoor Lights not only has excellent trusted customer reviews, but is ideal for the illuminating garden, parkway, deck, porch, and balcony! The IR motion sensor on this product is way more superior to the other products we tested. Another cool thing about it is the fact that you will be able to change the light modes to either full, dim, or motion mode with a button located on the frontal part of the light.

Ludius Solar Outdoor Lights Advantages:

– Durability – This product is weatherproof, can handle rain, snow, and tough wind;

– Mode button in the frontal part of the light (no need to unscrew the solar light to change the mode setting);

– Infra-Red Wide-Angle Motion Sensor;

– Time of activity – up to 8 hours of lighting during motion sensor mode;

– Multiple Lighting Modes – Full, Dim and Motion;

– Excellent Customer Reviews;

– Multiple Color Options – Black and White.

Ludius Solar Outdoor Lights Disadvantages:

– It seems to depend on direct sunlight, which is common with most solar lights.

#2 Active Era Solar Powered Lights

Best Solar Powered Security and Motion Lights

Another nice option for those, who would like to save some money on garden/ outdoor lights. This solar-powered light is also weatherproof. Although we were happy with the work of this product, the charge time was extremely disappointing. This light took almost 8 hours to charge, which is much longer, than the Ludius solar-powered light. The lights are also not as bright, as the previous product.

Active Era Solar Powered Lights Advantages 

– Durability – This product is weatherproof/waterproof;

– Three different types of lighting modes;

– Good motion sensor.

Active Era Solar Powered Lights Disadvantages 

– Heavily depends on direct sunlight;

– Long charge time – 8 hours;

– Comes only in one color – black;

– Not as bright, as Ludius Solar Outdoor Lights.

#3 AMIR Solar Lights Outdoor

Best Solar Powered Security and Motion Lights

A very affordable option for our readers. This solar-powered light features three lighting modes (full, dim, motion). Waterproof, but not weatherproof – some customers on Amazon were not happy with this product’s activity after a long, tough winter. AMIR solar lights are very easy to install and operate. The LED lights are extremely bright.

AMIR Solar Lights Advantages 

– Very affordable;

– Three lighting modes (full, dim, motion);

– Easy to install and operate;

– Extremely bright LED lights;

– Three-meter sensor.

AMIR Solar Lights Disadvantages 

– Waterproof, but not weatherproof;

– Stops working fast (one month to three months).

Smart Homes Reviews Team is eager to see what your choice is going to be after reading our article! Tell us what you think in the comments below. Have fun choosing the best product for your house!

Smart Homes Reviews Pro Tip

Set up the solar-powered lights with your outdoor camera! When the motion-sensing light turns on, the camera will give you a notification about some movement in your garden/patio/front door.

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