Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

Your and your family’s safety should always be at the top of your priorities. That said, it is important that you make your home as secure as possible. It is the safest place you can be in, but it could be the opposite if you don’t have a reliable security system. In your house are your valuable possessions, and they can attract thieves.

Currently, the best security systems are the ones that include smart devices. They are technologically advanced and thus are very effective. Also, they have lots of features that offer convenience.

For doorbells, you only need to decide whether you want wired or wireless. But for cameras, there are more factors you should consider.

Some smart security cameras have spotlight functions to help you see what’s on the video feed better. Furthermore, some also allow two-way interaction with whoever is on the other side of the lens.

Please note that you need a subscription to most security systems. You need that if you want to access the videos that your camera has recorded beyond a certain amount of time. Furthermore, most also require a hub to control all the cameras. But you should always be able to access the real-time video feeds using your phone, computer, or smart display. 

Here are the best smart devices to keep your home as secure as possible.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera (3-Pack)

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

Admittedly. Arlo Pro 4 is not cheap. But the sense of security you will get from having it makes it worth it.

Compared to entry-level cameras, the Arlo Pro gives you a wider field of view. Furthermore, you get 2K resolution – a much better camera quality. The Arlo Pro 4 is also rechargeable.

It also has the features mentioned above: a spotlight to illuminate the surroundings and a two-way audio function. 

The best thing is that you don’t need to set up a hub to get better connectivity to these outdoor cameras.

TP-Link Kasa EC70 Indoor 1080p Smart Security Camera

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

Here is a cheap but effective indoor security camera for those on a tight budget or who want to save money. 

This camera is wired, eliminating the need to change batteries or recharge.

One of this camera’s best functions is its motion detection function. Its tilt/pan function will follow the detected motion.

It also features 1080 resolution of limited night vision, which will allow you to see better.

You need a subscription to view videos stored in the cloud, but you can store videos for free on a microSD card.

Blink Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera (3-Pack)

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

This trio of outdoor cameras is an affordable entry-level outdoor home security. It has good camera quality and even has a two-way audio function.

However, it is not for everyone. The Blink Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera works only with Alexa and its Echo devices. If you are already in this ecosphere, it will be easy to set up. On the other hand, it will not work for you if your smart home is not Amazon-powered.

Blink Indoor Wireless HD Security Camera (3-Pack)

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

Indoor cameras don’t need to be as robust as outdoor cameras. So, you can put cameras only in rooms where you really want to keep an eye. And to save more cash, you can go with inexpensive options.

This trio of cameras is battery operated, so you can place them anywhere in your house. It also has a two-way audio function. And on top of that, you can set it to notify you when it detects motion.

Like The Blink Outdoor Cameras, this only works on Amazon-powered homes.

Eufy Security EufyCam 1080p Security Camera (2-Pack)

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

This security cam duo offers fewer cameras than Blink but is priced higher. The flexibility it offers justifies that. EufyCam is rechargeable, has infrared night vision, and 1080p resolution. Also, it can distinguish between pets and humans and even offers two-way communication. EufyCAm can also send you smart motion notifications. 

EufyCam comes with a home hub for months of video storage without a monthly fee.

Arlo Essential Wired HD Video Doorbell

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

It is a doorbell that doubles as a security camera. This smart home device allows you to see who is on your doorsteps. Also, it offers a head-to-toe view with two-way audio. 

Furthermore, the Arlo Foresight system allows you to see what happens in the moments before an alert is triggered. With that, you can quickly learn what’s going on.

If you subscribe to Arlo secure, you will get bonus features. That includes an additional 30 days of cloud recordings in 4K resolution, emergency response, and smoke / CO detector alarm listening. 

Blink Video Doorbell With Sync Module 2

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

As with the other Blink smart devices on this list, this is an affordable option. But again, it only works in homes that already have Blink cameras and Echo smart displays. 

You can go wireless with this video doorbell or hardwire it to your existing doorbell switch. That makes it easy to set up.

You can also add a USB drive to the Sync Module that comes with it to save video recordings. And as usual, you can purchase a subscription to access videos on the cloud.

Eufy Security 2K Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with Wireless Chime

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

Eufy is in the middle ground between Arlo and Blink- it is not as cheap as Blink but not as expensive as Arlo. Please note that it requires initial setup, so it is not as easy to install as other doorbell cameras. But once you get it up and running, you’ll get 2K resolution and HDR imaging for better images in low-light situations. The best thing about this smart device is you don’t need to subscribe to anything to make full use of it.

Ring Alarm Pro 8-Piece Kit

Best Smart Devices That Improve Your Home Security

Here’s an advanced home security setup. The Ring Alarm notifies you when it detects motions, windows opening, or devices joining the network. It also serves as your home’s Wi-Fi router.

You can also sign up for a monthly Ring Protect Pro subscription. That will give you nonstop professional monitoring with emergency dispatch. Additionally, it gets you 24/7 backup internet access in case you lose power. 

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