Best Smart Cameras 2018

best smart cameras 2018

Looking for a camera that is affordable, reliable, and multi-functional? Smart Homes Reviews Team has a list of Best Smart Cameras 2018 created just for you!

#1 Zjuxin Panoramic Camera

best smart cameras 2018

This is a true spy-instrument! Just think about it – whenever you see a light bulb, do you ever think that this can be a camera? Of course not! You can put this camera at your shopping center, store, any business location, your storage, hospital, factory, kindergarten, and office. Zjuxin Panoramic Camera has a 360-degree panoramic view, fisheye lens, and 960p HD resolution. Try this amazing camera today! 

#2 Mini CCTV Camera Hiseeu

best smart cameras 2018 1

This camera has around five thousand customers giving at least 4.9 positive feedback. It is very affordable and films in 720p resolution. You can view your house, garage, and backyard from ten devices at once. You will be happy to know that the night vision is as good as the day – you will be able to see every leaf moving on a tree in the backyard. The two-way audio system will help you communicate with those who are in charge of your kids, or pets, and they will able to reply back. We were satisfied with this product; now it’s your turn to try it!

#3 Yi Home Camera

Best Smart Cameras 2018

This ultra-modern smart camera is #3 on our Best Smart Cameras 2018 List. Its 1080p full HD resolution will provide you with great quality of the video. Yi Home Camera can be compared to Nest Cam, but its better in a lot of ways. This camera is very light, way cheaper, and can operate at much higher temperatures. With the positive feedback of 97.9%, this camera is a great competitor to those overpriced cameras that you buy online.

#4 Techege 960P 3D VR WIFI Smart Camera

best smart cameras 2018

This camera with a new look is a great alternative to any camera you have at your house. It also has two-way audio, motion detection alarm, 960p HD video resolution, and Infra-Red Night Vision function. Whenever you install it on the wall you will be able to see the whole house with the 360-degree panoramic view. It is tiny, modern, and comes in various colors. Try this new camera today! 

#5 SANNCE Mini HD Wireless IP Camera


This camera is the most affordable so far. You will not be able to find this kind of price for a camera anywhere in the US. SANNCE Mini Camera has a built-in microphone, supports 64GB of storage, and comes with 720p resolution. You will receive an alarm on your phone whenever there is suspicious activity at your home, business, or vacation house.

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