Best-selling Smart Speakers to Buy This Year

Best-selling Smart Speakers to Buy This Year

Smart speakers are, without a doubt, one of the most important devices in a smart home. They do not just play music or audiobooks; they also tell you the weather and allow you to control your other smart devices using voice controls. Thus smart speakers give you lots of conveniences. They are key to making your lifestyle more comfortable.

Smart homes are all about conveniences. That said, why not also combine your smart speaker with your clock? And then stack more cool features on top of that. That will be a good piece of electronics to have. Luckily, many devices like this are already on the market. 

Below are the best-selling smart speakers with lots of handy features. If you are looking into buying one for your home, these are what you need to check out.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Best-selling Smart Speakers to Buy This Year

The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the best entry-level smart speakers available. It is affordable but has surprisingly good performance.

The Amazon Echo Dot has just received an upgrade and is now in its 4th Generation. The new model, of course, is better than the previous one.

The Amazon Echo Dot has a variant with a clock. That can show you the current time and even act as a timer for when you are cooking.

Thanks to this device’s microphone array, it picks up your commands easily and performs them quickly.

One of Echo Dot’s selling points is its size. Since it is small, you can put it almost anywhere in your house. 

And since it is an Amazon smart device, it is compatible with a wide pool of smart home products.

Bose Home Speaker 500

Best-selling Smart Speakers to Buy This Year

The Bose Speaker 500 has a great sound quality. It has two drivers inside that are facing opposite directions. You need to put the speaker next to a wall, however. One of the said drivers is intended to point to a wall, so the sound reflects and gains more depth.

The Bose Home Speaker 500 gets surprisingly loud. And it even has a better bass response than what you would expect from a speaker of its size. That puts this smart home device above the competition.

This smart speaker has an array of microphones that pick up your voice commands from a decent distance. That allows you to make phone calls with significantly better audio.

The Bose Home Speaker 500 works with either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Furthermore, it supports Airplay 2, making it a solid choice for those that have an Apple ecosystem.

This smart speaker is quite expensive. But it is worth it.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Best-selling Smart Speakers to Buy This Year

Like the Amazon Echo Dot, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is not bulky. You can put it on your nightstand or almost anywhere in the house.

But unlike the Echo Dot, this smart home device is also a capable smart display. That allows you to use it to access the news, weather, security cameras, and other interactive functions. 

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential uses Google Assistant to deliver a wide range of functions. And there’s also an Alexa-enabled version. However, if you want to go that route, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 would be better.

This device allows you to control your appliances without getting out of bed in the morning. Unfortunately, because it is not really a smart speaker, the sound quality is not that good. You can still play music with it, but it’s not great at doing that.

Sandman Doppler

Best-selling Smart Speakers to Buy This Year

The Sandman Doppler is among the best smart speakers with clocks. It is not directly marketed as a high-fidelity smart speaker, but it delivers an impressive sound quality.

This device lets you use Alexa to set up alarms and control other compatible smart devices. Also, it doubles as a white noise machine. And unlike most smart speakers, it has stereo speakers and a bass port that enhances low-end response.

The Sandman Doppler comes in two versions, both with 6 USB ports. One of them features three Type-A and three Type-C ports.

Amouhom Smart Bedside Lamp

Best-selling Smart Speakers to Buy This Year

One look, and you’ll quickly figure out that this smart speaker is not like the rest. It has a bold, bright, colorful design; it is meant to stand out. You have extensive color options and can even control lighting modes and special effects.

The Amouhom Smart Bedside Lamp is not just eye candy, either. It is good at playing music. Furthermore, it offers several white noise options and other soothing sounds. That can help you relax or sleep. 

However, please keep in mind that it is not easy to use. You need to connect to Wi-Fi, navigate through a standalone app, then connect via Bluetooth to play tunes.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2

Best-selling Smart Speakers to Buy This Year

Like the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, this device is unfortunately not great at playing music. But it is still worth checking out. The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 offers voice control from the second you wake up. It is also very easy to use, especially if you have experienced using an Android phone. This device has a touchscreen and convenient interface similar to what you’ll find on those phones.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 can also double as an effective nightlight. It has more backlighting than its predecessors, and it provides you with customizable color warmth levels.

There’s also an upgraded version of this device with a USB port and wireless charging pad.

Amazon Echo Show 5

Best-selling Smart Speakers to Buy This Year

Of course, since the Echo Dot is here, the bigger Echo Show is also on the list. It is a pared-down version of Amazon’s full-size smart displays. The Amazon Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch screen. It allows you to use it as a smart picture frame or stream shows and movies from popular services.

The speaker is not as small as the Echo Dot, but it is not that large. And despite that size, it is surprisingly loud. That makes this smart speaker perfect for playing songs, an alarm clock, or casual video calls.

As you would expect, this device has flawless Alexa integration. 

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