What are some of the best gaming mouse (mice)?

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What are some of the best gaming mouse (mice)

Good computer gaming has a lot of parts involved, best gaming mouse is one of them. After having acquired a good CPU machine and a top-notch gaming monitor, you will need to top it all up with a smart gaming mouse. You cannot afford to obtain a good CPU and monitor and then settle for a less than average mouse. A good gaming mouse should be able to complement your monitor in all aspects. Otherwise, you will find yourself stuck at having to deal with slow speed, min9mal responsiveness, and limited connection among other issues like fewer sensitive mice. For the avid gamers, you understand only too well that speed is of the essence in the process, and that when it is compromised, the gaming is less fun and much less intriguing.

Top Best Gaming Mouse

As much as it does matter greatly, the appearance of the mouse should be the least of your worries when looking out for what mouse to buy for gaming purposes. What are the qualities that you should look out for in the best mouse? What are some of the recommended mice for gaming in the latest technology? Here are some of them.

Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech G502 Hero. The amazing Logitech G502 Hero is one mouse every avid gamer out there should have. It comes in a sleek and small size complete with adjustable weights. With a DPI of up to 16,000, this mouse features superior sensors for sharp gaming experiences. Also, the Logitech G502 Hero has programmable buttons that you can use to customize the software. What is more, it is very affordable although it may feel a little bit uncomfortable for people with large hands. In all, it is one mouse you would think came out of some science fiction world; it is super powerful.

Corsair Harpoon RGB

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse. For a wireless option, powered by a battery, and that has a great life span, the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless mouse has got you covered. It comes with up to ten thousand DPI and is one of the cheapest mice in the market today. Enjoy a colorful feature of the RGB lighting and technologically set Omron switches that give the mouse its class. This mouse is highly responsive when fully charged, and its performance cannot be matched. The only disadvantage you may face is that the mouse is better made to suit right-handed people only. So, if you are left-handed, you will need another option.

SteelSeries Rival 600

SteelSeries Rival 600. This is so far the highest positive reviewed mouse for PC gaming. It has the highest detection sensors and can respond even when lifted off the surface. It also has customizable weight and a DPI of twelve thousand. Perhaps the most intriguing feature is the fact that the SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse has about sixty million click mechanical switches, which function to make it the best-reviewed gaming mouse in the current market.

Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse. Experts say that this is the best gaming mouse available. This is probably because it is easy to use for everyone into PC gaming. It comes in several hand sizes and grip styles on its outer case. It has many different options to its lighting pad for you to vary and enjoy according to your preference. On top of that, the Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse comes complete with seven buttons on its surface, which are easy to reach and operate with. It is sure going to make any Pc gaming dope.

Logitech G203 Prodigy

The Logitech G203 Prodigy. If you are looking for a budget gaming mouse that can still perform its core functions, try the Logitech G203 Prodigy. For its class and kind of mouse, this one can be termed as an excellent mouse for your gaming needs. It has a high accuracy score, but you will have to deal with the fact that its sensors are not as sharp as those mentioned before it. The only advantage is that it costs so much less for its kind of excellent performance.

The Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse. If there ever was a gaming mouse that would thrill you, it would be the Razer Naga Trinity mouse. It can be termed as mighty because it comes with changeable side plates; you can have the colors changed up if they become monotonous. Perhaps this is the primary reason as to why it is considered a mouse with several faces. The mighty Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse features a DPI of sixteen thousand, and a superior flawless motion tracker system. Its interior design is done with a Razer chroma support with up to 1000Hz Ultra-polling power. One other thing, it is one of the most comfortable mice to operate, when all factors are considered. However, all these amazing features come with a price; the Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse is quite expensive as compared to others in the market.


If you are an avid gamer on the PC, this article should have shed some light on how you do not need a regular mouse for your gaming adventures. Instead, what you need is a fast mouse, which is compatible with your machine and made of customized software for ease of use. Most gaming mice are made in such a way that they have more sensitive sensors for faster responses, technologically advanced buttons for ease of customizing with the computers, comfortable grips on the side for firmer grips and controls of the mouse, sharp-response scroll wheels for easy and faster clicks, and mostly have inbuilt lights for a more bubbly gaming experience. Also, choose wisely between wired mice and wireless ones depending on your preferences. Wireless mice are good, and they work better for people who are not so much into wires, but they need constant recharging and are a little more priced than their wired counterparts. The wired mice are a cheaper option, and with the fact that you do not have to keep charging them, they eventually save you a lot of time, money, and energy. There we go, it is now up to you to make an informed choice for the mouse you want to go with.

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