Benefits and Drawbacks of Amazon Echo Show 15

Benefits and Drawbacks of Amazon Echo Show 15

The Amazon Echo Show 15 is the company’s largest Alexa smart display and is intended to serve as a command center or digital community board for the entire family.  

It seeks to shake up the idea of how the greatest smart displays may be used — in this example, as a central hub for family members to communicate, leave notes for each other, and more — because it’s supposed to be hanging on a wall.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Amazon Echo Show 15

If you wish to avoid attaching the Echo Show 15, you’ll need to buy the $29 Sanus Tilt Stand, which may be purchased with or without the display; there are no savings when purchased together.  

Let’s not stop there; let’s continue discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon E1cho Show 15.


This smart home device’s functions continue to expand and enhance over time. Therefore, look at the Amazon Echo Show 15’s outstanding features.


Its design is one of the major advantages you should be aware of. The Echo Show 15 is just a huge screen enclosed by a black border, similar to a supersized form of one of the best photo frames. It could be more vivid for something called the Show, like the revolving display on the Echo Show 10.  

Around the top edge of Show 15 are volume control controls and a slider to hide the camera lens and turn off the microphone. The back of the Echo Show 15 includes a little recess for the power port and just enough space for the extra cable.

Unfortunately, it isn’t large enough to accept the Show 15’s power plug, so if you hang it on the wall, the wire and plug will protrude in some way. 

Installation and Setup

A metal mounting bracket, four screws, and four plastic anchors are included with the Echo Show 15 to secure it to your wall. With the mass of the Echo Show 15, these four screws and hefty anchors are probably unnecessary, but it’s good to have them. A template where you’ll need to drill a hole is also included in the box, but you must bring your own level to ensure everything is straight. 

The Echo Show 15 can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. If you do mount it on the wall, evaluate the height of your family members; what is eye level for you may be a touch too high for your family members, making it more difficult for them not only to view the screen but also to grasp up and manage the display and the buttons along the top. 

As part of the setup procedure, you can build a profile for each family member, so the data your partner sees differs from yours. The Echo Show 15 can switch between profiles automatically using either voice ID or visual ID. The former asks you to say a few syllables, whereas Visible ID photographs your face. Google uses a similar method for its Nest Hub.  

Widgets and More

It responds to inquiries, sets timers, manages smart home devices, and displays video feeds from Ring doorbells or other compatible cameras. It can also display your images from Amazon Photos or Facebook, either with other content or as a large digital photo frame, which looks fantastic. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Amazon Echo Show 15

Unlike its predecessors, the Show 15 can display multiple widgets on its home screen in addition to the normal time, information, and photo display. Widgets can feature a yellow sticky note for writing messages, shared to-do lists, calendars, weather, Amazon Music controls, recipe suggestions, and smart home controls. 

Full Fire TV Interface

A good-quality tiny screen for viewing TV while in the kitchen is a strong argument to buy this. It’s the first and only Echo Show to feature a full Fire TV interface, which includes, among other things, Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Paramount, and YouTube and YouTube Kids. 

Picture-in-picture is another feature that makes advantage of the larger screen. You can browse other material while watching a security camera stream or video doorbell. Hence, while following a recipe, you may have a baby monitor on. The Show can receive footage from any Alexa-enabled camera. If you own a compatible video doorbell, it will also display a live feed on the display when someone hits the doorbell and allow you to communicate with them via the device. 


While this Echo Show 15 has many wonderful features, some consumers notice certain downsides after using it. Let’s take a closer look at it.  


The 5MP camera in the Echo Show 15 lacks the digital tracking functionality present in the Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 8, along with competing smart displays such as the Facebook Portal and Nest Hub Max.  


The two speakers on the Echo Show 15 are excellent for their size, but you should be looking for something other than your first pick if you’re searching for one of the best smart speakers. They’re more comparable to the Echo Dot than the full-size Echo. 

According to the consensus, Amazon was forthright about the idea that the Echo Show 15 would not sound as excellent as some of its other smart speakers.


Many users of this device thought that having widgets was wonderful. However, the widgets must be faster, lacking size, shape, and location variation. There should be more of them, and we’d like to see a larger smart home control widget and the ability to move the largest calendar widget to the bottom of the screen rather than the middle. It’s a nice start, but they still have a long way to go before becoming a game-changer.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Amazon Echo Show 15

Several customers also reported that the touch display could be much faster than other smart displays; touch responses were slower than they would have liked, and on-screen animations, such as screens opening and closing, were slightly slower. 


In certain ways, the Echo Show 15 is similar to a CCTV camera in your house; it’s intended to serve as a central focus for the family to check in on what everyone is up to during the day. It most often works.

Some functionalities may have limitations, but this device can jazz up your smart home. 

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