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Bathroom Trends deserve the same attention as the other parts of the home, in style, designs, and finishes. We are used to bathrooms being all tiled up and the like with a lot of glass and ceramics within. Well, this trend is gradually changing to allow bathrooms feature unique design from materials used, the color schemes applied, and the shapes incorporated. While most residential areas feature different sizes of bathrooms, most bathrooms are small and compact and very few are large and accommodative. You do not have to worry if yours is small as these new trends include ideas even for small bathrooms. You can also incorporate the latest trend if you are remodeling your home so that it has a touch of the modern bathroom design.

Bathroom Trends Materials

The materials used in a bathroom’s interior décor should feature modern living without interfering with style and luxury. This is regardless of whether your home is the small urban type or the large residential homes with extremely spacious bathrooms with the tubs and large walk-in showers.

Woodwork has taken off in style now, featuring unique handcrafts for a clean and polished look inside the bathroom. As opposed to the metallic towel stands and racks, wood brings about the feeling of nature right into your bathroom and smells just as good. The abundance of wooden finishes in the bathroom has become the new trend with the whole flooring, walls and the entire interior finished off in a wooden dash.

Innovation has seen the newest trend in the bathroom setting that has an open-area feature of the bathroom. This is in a bid to eliminate the thinking of the bathroom as a dirty place that needs to be exclusively placed in the darkest corner away from the rest of the house. Now, the bathroom is set openly, and since it features a unique, elegant style, it looks even better.

Wood and marble is another beautiful combination in the new bathroom trends. Wood brings about the natural feel and looks while marble creates the delicate dazzle with a clean and elegant look. The sharp contrasts of the two materials bring about a rich experience in the bathrooms interior décor. The marble scheme looks brilliant on the tubs and basins as the wood brings out the beauty of the surfaces and flooring.

Brick and tile combination is also sneaking up the newest trends. The thing about bricks looking rough-edged and unfinished will bring about a feeling of being out in the woods especially if it is combined with definite straight surface shapes and completed with sleek designs of the tubs and basins. To finish off the look, allow the lighting to come in as naturally as possible to make it even more unique and dashing.

With the porcelain stoneware materials, you do not have to worry about the color and shapes as they come in different colors and shapes. They bring a powdery look into the bathroom and are finished off with anti-sliding features to minimize accidents. This trend is also fast picking up.

The Color Schemes

Out with the plain dull colors and in with the bold color schemes now trending. Originally, bathrooms featured plain white and cream-white colors as they were thought as colors of cleanliness. Now, even the wooden finishes feature the deep brown wood for sharper and more dramatic contrast.

Brown and grey are coming in stronger than we thought. As opposed to using plain white ceramics for the bowls and tubs, the new trend focuses on coming up with a unique print of ceramic that is not plain and boring, rather bold and eye-catching. The latest trend has been featured in the newest of residential homes, where freestanding bathtubs remain multi-color printed while all the surroundings feature a plain shade of one of the color prints.

Out goes the rest of the pink shades as in comes the millennial pink color schemes. This replacement has come with even sharper color matches for the millennial pink including beige, blond, ash-gray, Forest-green, etc. This has led to a sharp decrease in the use of metals and metallic color schemes, albeit not entirely.

Bicolor schemes are also becoming the new thing in the bathroom scenes. If it is forest-green on the inside and beige on the outside, it becomes more catchy and intriguing. Mono-color schemes seem to have lost the interesting nature and slowly are becoming boring. Or imagine a refreshing combination of black and ash-gray basins in a millennial pink entire inside for instance. The result is an overwhelming instant attraction of the sharp contrast.

For the contrast to be sharp and even more dramatic, choice of color has to be emphasized. Insist on colors that stand out and break the monotony of the entire bathroom setting and bring out an interesting but unique effect.

Shapes Selection

Incorporating different shapes into the bathroom will help create an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury. Amidst all the color schemes and materials used, shapes bring about a trendy look and are picking up fast. For instance, triangularly shaped basins, with oval tubs and circular mirrors make space look bigger and better.

Think of bringing in the beautiful apple cedar sauna to create a more luxurious feeling. The saunas have medicinal and therapeutic features and bring the wooden look to your bathroom. Here are some of its outstanding features.

  • Adjustable seat for maximum comfort for all heights; children and adults.
  • Insulation is perfectly done with the hermetic seal preventing any heat from leaking.
  • Long-lasting and durable as it is made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
  • Easy entrance and stable enabled by the comfortable step at the door.
  • Easy to operate from inside with the latch to open and close.
  • Natural cedar input to heighten the healing properties both mentally and physically.

The sauna is easy to assemble and install with a little help from handy experts. Make your bathroom life more interesting and varied with this smart apple cedar sauna and love the experience.

The shapes can also be featured on the interior wall décor where trendy styles are going for the not-so-plain finishes like those with circular, bubble, and water-drop shapes. Modern, stylish shapes and designs make spaces appear big and more comfortable as opposed to dull colors.

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