Automatic Soap Dispensers For Your Smart Homes

Automatic Soap Dispensers For Your Smart Homes

If there is one thing the pandemic made people realize, it is the importance of proper handwashing. Sure, it has always been important, but the global health crisis made following proper practices even more vital. 

The goal of washing your hands is to eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria. But, it is no secret that smart bathroom and kitchen surfaces are breeding grounds for these. The more surface you touch, the more germs you are introducing to your body. Thus, the use of pump soap dispensers is not highly recommended. Moreso if more than one person is living in the house.

Instead, experts advise that you buy automatic soap dispensers for touchless handwashing. These devices will be great additions to your smart home. 

Pediatric nurse practitioner Brittany Ryan, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC, shared some tips on what to look for in touchless soap dispensers. She says that it has to be “truly no-touch.” That means your hand should easily fit under the sensor, and the device will spout soap without you touching any surface. On top of that, Ryan says it is critical that the dispenser spurts out enough soap.

Searching for an automatic soap dispenser like this may be a little difficult since there are many of them on the market. Fret not. This list has narrowed it down to the five best touchless dispensers you can find. Continue reading and select the one that you like the most.

iTouchless UltraClean Foam Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispensers For Your Smart Homes

The company iTouchless is the first technology company to focus on the production of feature-rich home waste management and hygiene tools. Its tagline is “Touch less, do more.” The company believes that everything you touch affects your health and productivity. Thus, its products are sensor-operated devices that reduce your exposure to illness-causing germs and bacteria. 

Among its products are faucet touchless adaptors, sensor-operated trash bins, and automatic soap dispensers. These automatic soap dispensers are among the best ones available in the market. They produce soft foam soap you would love.

Dispensers by iTouchless also come with no-drip spouts. They prevent mess and waste. Moreover, they come with 4 AAA alkaline batteries; thus, you can use them right after taking them out of the box.

Simplehuman Touch-Free Rechargeable Sensor Liquid Soap Pump Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispensers For Your Smart Homes

Simplehuman prides itself as a company that is obsessed with improvement. It delivers that through new technologies and meticulous engineering. To Superhuman, looking for new and better ways to do basic but essential daily tasks of paramount importance. 

You should never doubt the quality of Superhuman’s products. The company puts them in rigorous testing before launching them. It ensures that the products will function like new, even after years of use. 

Superhuman’s Rechargeable Liquid Sensor Pump might be the product that you need. This device offers fast, precise, and clog-free pumping of soap, thanks to the system forcing the liquid through an air-tight tube. Moreover, it allows people to control the amount of soap that will get dispensed. Move your hand up close to get a small dab, and position them further to get more.

Superhuman Touch-free Liquid Soap Sensor Pump

Automatic Soap Dispensers For Your Smart Homes

Indeed, when it comes to touchless technologies, Superhuman is a force to reckon with. Here is another fantastic product from this company. 

The Touch-free Liquid Soap Sensor Pump from Superhuman has a no-drip valve. When dispensing, the flexible silicone valve springs open, lets a quick, steady flow of soap pass, and then snaps shut to create a seal. That prevents messy drips. Furthermore, high-quality components make it not dispense soap by accident. 

You would also love its design since it lets you see how much soap is left. You would easily know whether it needs a refill or not.

Another good thing about Superhuman’s products is they are all eco-friendly. With them, you are not only cleaning your hands. You are also preventing the production of more wastes for landfills. 

Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispensers For Your Smart Homes

The founders of Umbra built the company out of a passion for original design and the desire to create products for every home. Its products are the results of the collaboration between 15 different countries, so they will surely impress you. Umbra also has 30 years of experience, so you can rest assured that their products are reliable. 

Take a look at the Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser and Hand Sanitizer. Strictly speaking, it is not a smart device since it does not connect to the internet and with other devices in your home. But, this could be the last piece your smart home needs. 

The Otto Automatic Soap dispenser has a very sleek design – it would fit nicely with your ultra-modern smart home. But it is not praised for its design alone. This dispenser’s innovative sensor pump technology dispenses a fixed amount of liquid soap. Thus, it will never be too little or too much. It helps reduce waste, which in turn saves you money on supply costs. On top of that, The Umbra Otto has a fluid level indicator that would inform you if it needs a refill. And if you are still not sold yet, know that this device is multipurpose. You can fill it with liquid hand soap, hand sanitizer, or even dish soap.

Secura Premium Touchless Battery-Operated Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispensers For Your Smart Homes

For years now, Secura has been a leading manufacturer of small appliances in North America. Its products are easy to use, affordable, eco-friendly, and have ergonomic designs. Perhaps, that is why its Automatic Soap Dispenser is an Amazon best-seller. It has over 16,800 five-star reviews. Impressive, right?

The touchless dispenser has a large, clear soap container, which would allow you how much soap is left in the device. The design also makes the product aesthetically pleasing; it would not look out of place in your modern smart homes. Speaking of places, you can stand it up on countertops or hang it on the wall. It comes with an included wall bracket to save space, so you would not have to look for one. 

Any of these five amazing automatic soap dispensers will let you wash your hands without the need to touch anything. Hygienic, indeed.

Why You Should Buy An Automatic Soap Dispenser For Your Smart Home

If the past two years haven’t taught you anything, you should have learned by now that minimizing the shared touching surfaces in your home and work environment can literally save your life. These tools are essential now, and you are seeing automated soap dispensers deployed at even old restaurants and workplaces. Even as we return to normal, you are bound to have friends and family come over, and there is no excuse to not have a simple device like this to help keep your loved ones safer.

There aren’t a lot of smart things that are as essential as these, even outside of our abnormal times. How often do you find your hands covered in gunk, oil, and dirt and you know you have to push down on the soap dispenser before you can clean your hands. Obviously, you have to clean the soap dispenser afterward! It’s 2021, and everyone you know has started using automatic soap dispensers a long time ago.

Seriously think about it. If your friends and family came over to your house, would they think you are “behind the times” if you had manual soap dispensers? Probably, yes. Maybe they too are quite a relic of humanity and would be impressed with your magical touch-free soap dispenser. They will ask you where you got it, and will likely use one at their house.

How Automatic Soap Dispensers Pay For Themselves with Refilling Bulk Soap

If you’ve made it this far, the only real reason you haven’t committed to getting with the times is because of the price. We can certainly understand money is tight right now, but think a little harder about exactly that – the money! How much do you pay for your single-use soap dispensers? Probably a few dollars each, especially if they are nice name-branded ones. Now, consider the fact that these automatic dispensers can be refilled with any soap you want!

That’s right! You can finally buy bulk soap at significantly cheaper prices and just refill this thing! This also allows you to use as much soap as you want, keeping every inch of your hands and arms as clean as humanly possible! Better yet, making soap is one of the most fun, fulfilling, and creative yet useful DIY crafts you can easily learn to do at home with your family!

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