Apple’s AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Apple's AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

As a competition to Apple’s AirPods lineup, Samsung introduced its Galaxy Buds Live a while ago. Let’s take a look at why these ANC-equipped wireless earphones are being compared with each other.

The South Korean electronic company added Samsung Galaxy Buds Live on their wireless earphones lineup. It automatically became a rival to Apple’s AirPods Pro. The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is not new anymore in the business industry including their personal audio battle.

Apple's AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Both companies introduced their earphones with improved features. Both offer active noise cancellation. But Samsung offers more creative design at a reasonable price. Now we have to know if Samsung made a great job on its latest Galaxy Buds. Let’s find out if it satisfies the buyers or else they will go for AirPods Pro.

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – Size and Shape

AirPods Pro contains a musical note look-alike design. It has an added element that is swinging down on the earphones. Moreover, it has a measurement of 1.22 inches long, 0.94 inches deep, and 0.86 inches wide.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live goes for a bean-like shape and has a shiny appearance on the outside. And it has no extra dangling elements or any extensions.

The measurements of Samsung are 0.65 inches by 1.07 inches by 0.59 inches that makes it tinier than Airpods Pro. But despite their tiny appearance, it’s still a little bit heavier with a weight of 5.6 grams. Apple only has 5.4 grams.

Apple designs its earphones with oval ear tips that can be altered for comfortable usage. On the other side, Samsung’s Galaxy Beats Live designs their own comfortable earphones through an ergonomic tip-less. It has alternatives for a convenient fit via the two different sizes of wingtips.

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – Charging Cases

The charging case of the two products shouldn’t be missing, of course. It’s beneficial in providing the user an extra power without depending on the outlet. Galaxy Buds Live is different from AirPods as its unit is handled like jewelry instead of an audio device.

Apple’s charging case has a measurement of 2.39 inches wide and 1.78 inches tall while Samsung’s unit has a 1.97 inches width and length. Apple’s case has a broad design through a more slender feature with 0.85 inches and 1.09 inches. Yet, it’s a little bit heavier when unloaded that contains 45.6 grams against 42.2 grams.

Both AirPods and GalaxyBuds Live provide quick charging time. Their five minutes of charging is equal to one-hour consumption. All in all, Galaxy Buds Live and case provides you up to 21 hours of usage while Apple provides you 24 hours.

Apple's AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung and Apple’s cases can be wirelessly charged but this feature can’t be found on the latest iPhones.

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – ANC

The two AirPods consist of ANC functionality that makes them more excellent. They have microphones that are located on the ear canal for absorbing unnecessary noise in the background.

The ANC functionality on Samsung can stop the background noise for about 97% in low-frequency bands. It can’t be denied that some noise can still come in. Through the low-frequency bands, ANC can fully focus on blocking the disturbing noise for you. This will give a wonderful music listening moment.

This is the reason why the ambient sound mode isn’t available from previous models such as Galaxy Buds Plus. It is truly effective for the user to still be able to hear the happenings in the surroundings but not enough to stop the noise and the full ANC.

AirPods contain a Transparency mode that can filter some environmental sound to the user. Overall, this device can give you a full ANC experience plus selective environmental audio.

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – Audio Quality and Voice

AirPods can provide you a clear sound feature.  It has a custom-built high excursion and low-distortion speaker driver. AirPods also comes with a high dynamic range amplifier. Apple improved by having an Adaptive EQ. This is helpful for making the sound profile compatible with the ear through an inward-facing microphone.

Samsung goes for 12mm speakers that will play through an AKG to have a great spacious sound. The large driver and bass duct provide deep bass while the duct is helpful for the flow of air. It may result in a comfortable usage together with cutting occlusion.

Apple puts individual microphones outside and inside the ear canal while Samsung puts two on the outside.

Samsung has a Voice Pickup Unit for the user’s voice signals. It is also valuable for improving voice for calls and for managing with digital assistants. 

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – Interface and Digital Assistants

By just touching the outside casing of the Galaxy Buds Live, users will be able to control the music playback and for answering calls. 

On the other side, Airpods control is through the Force Stem. It is more beneficial to avoid hurting the user’s ear canal by just touching the Galaxy Buds Live on it. 

Apple's AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The digital assistant of AirPods is Siri while Samsung is the Bixby. 

Siri or Bixby will activate verbally via an always-on microphone. In Samsung, you can turn off the Bixby Voice Wake-Up function if you want. 

Apple AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – Battery Life

When it comes to the duration of using wireless earphones, there’s some difference between the two. Yet, essentially each can show off the hours of playback with occasional recharging using their charging cases.

According to Apple, its AirPods Pro can last up to 4.5 hours of listening time in a single charge. While Samsung can last 8 hours of playtime while ANC and Bixby Voice Wake-up both turned off and 5.5 hours when they are both turned on. 

Samsung wins when it comes to price. It is way cheaper than AirPods Pro. Yet, Airpod Pro has better ANC which can change from full ANC and the Transparency mode.

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