Amazon Echo VS Google Home 2020. Which Should You Buy?

Amazon Echo VS Google Home 2019

The home voice assistant is the trendy style for all smart homes now. But Amazon Echo VS Google Home, Which one should you buy? If you followed keenly on the 2018 CES showcase, you noticed that all eyes were looking in the direction of the smart home voice assistants. This trend goes on, currently, the leading champions of the technology being Google with their Google Home, Amazon with their Alexa, and Apple with their Siri.  So far, the Giants have been narrowed down to only two; Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Projectors predict that it will get even hotter in the 2019 CES as the two leading companies battle it out to be the ultimate company. So, is it Google Home or Amazon Echo? Let us take a look at the properties of both, and their differences to help shed some light on the best smart voice home device for you in 2020.

Properties of the Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is attractive to the eye. It has a sleek kind of look with its long speakers and comes in nice dark colors that can complement your home’s internal décor.  On top of that, it is relatively cheaper compared to the Google Home smart voice assistant. It is also compatible with all available devices and may work better especially with the built-in technology of the ZigBee interface.

The sound quality of the Amazon Echo is superior to all its competitors’ devices. It works well for smart voice assistant at home, and even better for the lovers of music who like to sync their music with the speakers.

The Amazon Echo initially only served to give necessary information like the weather, traffic updates, and forecast. But it has now been updated and configured to serve more purposes like General updates, reminders, calendar updates, among others. This means it keeps getting better.

Amazon Echo’s ZigBee built-in interface is an added advantage to you because you do not need to factor in the issue of a different separate hardware hub to cater to all your devices. They automatically sync in, and you are good to go.

Through Fire TV, Amazon allows you to stream music and all your favorite tracks from sites like Spotify.  This comes in handy for this generation of ours where music is life, and can and should be listened to while doing practically everything.

Amazon Echo, powered by Alexa, can allow you to link with uber and other cab services and thus you can get your taxi anytime you want to.

Alexa has access to your purchase history, and as you buy your products from Alexa, you are given recommendations depending on your last purchase. This does make life easier.

Most people love to read. Alexa is accommodating for all your book needs as you only need to link a kindle account and all will be good to go. Alexa will read your favorite book for you as you listen.

There are other simple things Alexa can do. For instance, if you lost your phone or misplaced it, Alexa will find it for you. Just ask Alexa. The smart voice control can also control the lighting of your home and even change the light colors to your color preferences. Alexa will also, on command, help you to control the temperature of your home. Lastly, Alexa can help you with your workout, offering the best schedules, and adjusting the existing ones.

The most critical part is Amazon has been around for about two years now. While that may appear young relatively, it is more important to look at the accomplishments and milestones of these two years.

Properties of the Google Home

Google Home

The Google Home smart voice device is quite attractive both in color, shape, and design. Its bright nature will add more life to your home’s décor. The quality of the model is better than that of Amazon Echo, and it has a useful touch panel on its top to control volume and playback. You can retrieve information saved prior.

Google Home can adjust the equalizer according to the acoustics in the room, smart, right? Google Home devices are much smaller as compared to those of Amazon. The Google Home has a bass-heavy voice quality and may prove challenging for some people. The voice command is, however, of excellent quality as it grasps commands better and faster

Google search is a point up for Google Home it gets all your information correctly no matter how complex. It feels more natural. You can stream music from sites like Spotify and enjoy your favorite latest tracks through integration with the Chromecast lineup.

Google has a wide variety of language selections compared to Amazon, making it a better assistant. The device can be customized to read times of the day. If you say ‘Good morning’ for example, Google Home will change your phone’s settings, give you updates on news, and even give you reminders for your calendar and schedules.

Other small ways Google Home can help you include linking your WhatsApp so that as you talk it replies on messages, tracking your phone if it is lost or misplaced, retrieving information from back in time as and when you need it, giving you information on updated prices for flights and accommodations and finding the best vacation spot, and help you in the kitchen with the cooking assistant.

Most importantly, Google has been around for decades helping with the search engines and acquisition of information. This may give it an upper hand compared to Amazon that is relatively younger, especially with people who have a thing for the experience.

In a Nutshell

The smart voice control devices have a way of making things easy around the home, and this technology is seemingly going to dictate the home industry going forward. But as to whether you should buy the Amazon Echo or the Google Home assistant in 2020, this is heavily dependent on your personal preference. As it is, both are good only that Google has more info has been in the market long enough and done most searches, which it still does and Amazon is relatively young. Depending on the properties that strike you, either seems workable just as good.

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