All You Need are these 3 Gadgets to Start Building a Smart Home

All You Need are these 3 Gadgets to Start Building a Smart Home

You don’t have to do much in some homes because your devices and appliances take care of your trivial daily tasks. The lights turn on when you wake up, the vacuum cleans the floor by itself, and your bathtub fills itself. Are we talking about worlds in sci-fi? No. These homes do exist now, and they are called smart homes.

You can choose from so many devices to add to your home to make your life more convenient and comfortable. Smart televisions and speakers are great for entertainment. For fitness and health, you can get smart scales and smart dumbbells. And if you like improvements in your kitchen, you can buy smart refrigerators, ovens, blenders, and coffee makers.

While some devices don’t have a smart counterpart yet, you can use smart switches or plugs to add smarts to them.

With so many options in the market, choosing the right device can be quite confusing. Which device should you get first? What technologies should you use? You have to think of your needs to answer these questions. But suppose you don’t need anything specific and just wanted to upgrade your home. You can get away with almost any smart device because they will all provide some value.

Still, there are devices best for people just starting their smart homes. Here are some recommendations. 

Smart Lighting

All You Need are these 3 Gadgets to Start Building a Smart Home

Smart lights are a popular choice for people testing smart home waters. They are easy to install and use. Also, there are a lot of things you can do with them.

As with every smart home device, smart lights connect to your phone or tablet. Using their companion apps, you can adjust the light temperature or brightness level. Likewise, you can change the lights’ colors to set the room’s mood. So, whether you are having a movie night or a romantic candlelight dinner, smart lights allow you to give a room the ambiance you desire.

Since smart lights are so accessible, the market for them is big. And so, many brands that sell these products exist. If you want smart lights that guarantee your satisfaction, choose Philips Hue lights. This company is the most respected producer of smart lights.

Philips Hue gives you so many options. You can choose from regular – but smart – screw-in light bulbs, smart light strips, or smart lamps. 

Smart screw-in bulbs do what conventional screw-in bulbs do. They offer great illumination. However, smart bulbs offer more. You can change their colors (select from 16 million colors) and even set themes to a group of lights. So, if you want your lights to remind you of sunsets or romance, for example, you can select those themes.

Smart lamps can be in places where screw-in bulbs can’t. You can use them to illuminate dimly lit areas or as bedside lighting. Aside from providing lighting, they are great accent pieces that improve the aesthetics of your house.

And speaking of improving the aesthetics of your home, smart light strips are the best for that job. You can place them in more places than lamps and screw-in bulbs. Highlight the underside of your kitchen cabinets, stairs, baseboards, bars, and expensive paintings in your home with these. 

The best thing about Hue lights is that they are high-quality and long-lasting. So, they are worth your money.

Smart Appliances

All You Need are these 3 Gadgets to Start Building a Smart Home

You can never go wrong with smart appliances, especially if you want to upgrade your kitchen. And there are so many to choose from.

From toasters to refrigerators, almost every kitchen appliance now includes smart features. They help you automate the cooking process and even beyond that. Smart kitchen appliances ensure that you are following the recipe. They also update you on the progress of your food. 

Here are a few suggestions.

Do you love avocado toasts and their health benefits? If so, you would love a smart toaster – the Revolution InstaGLO R180 Toaster, specifically.

 This smart toaster features a built-in touch screen that you’ll use to operate it. Instead of pulling down a lever, you choose what you’d like to toast. This smart toaster has extra-wide slots, allowing you to toast many things. Whether you like bread or bagels, or waffles, this one has you covered. This device will toast them to perfection. Also, you can see the toasting progress through the touch screen display.

The pandemic has given air fryers a rise in popularity. Aside from these, people also opted for countertop devices with many features. That’s because people wanted an easier way to cook meals.

That said, many new kitchen devices are all-in-one. They allow you to fry, grill, roast, bake, and slow cook food. One such device is the June Oven – it combines 12 cooking appliances in one. And it is compact too! The June Oven is no bigger than your microwave. Don’t forget that it’s also a smart device. So, you can control it using your phone, voice, or the device’s touch screen.

Our last recommendation for your kitchen could be nothing other than a smart refrigerator. As other people say, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the fridge is the kitchen’s heart. The GE Profile Smart Refrigerator is the best one out there. This fridge has an Energy Star Certification, is compatible with voice assistants, and boasts many other cool features. You can even use it to make hot water!

Josh AI

All You Need are these 3 Gadgets to Start Building a Smart Home

Josh AI one-ups the most popular voice assistants.; this new smart tech eliminates the need to say lengthy phrases. It uses contextual awareness to understand what you are saying and reacts accordingly. So, it would feel like you are having natural conversations with your home.

Moreover, Josh AI understands many different accents and dialects. It can even process millions of commands. Also, it is integrated with machine learning. Thus, the more you interact with the AI., the more it understands and tailors to your needs. You would feel like Tony Stark talking to JARVIS. And so, it’s one of the techs you can use to start building your smart home.

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