Alexa Incorporated Into Span’s Smart Home Electrical Panel

Alexa Incorporated Into Span's Smart Home Electrical Panel

A new wave of the digital age is coming to light and being presented to the world as smart residential electronic panels have reached home voice controls.

The latest project is how San Francisco startup Span, headed by Munich Re Ventures’ HSB Fund and supported by prior founders, unveiled today a $20 million worth of investment plus a significant new strategic alliance, the Alexa Fund. In the last five years, Amazon has invested in several innovations to incorporate with its leading domestic robotics and remote assistant businesses. These projects include a subset of domestic energy control systems such as the Ecobee intelligent thermostat supplier and the Tado wireless power monitor.

Alexa Incorporated Into Span's Smart Home Electrical Panel

Introducing Smart Home Electrical Panel

Now this list contains Span’s Wireless-Fidelity-connected power panels, enabling homeowners to see and monitor the electricity from wind turbines and solar panels to household level circuits. The platform analyzes the loads against daily rates of electricity. It also offers a means of choosing which batteries stay driven by the meter during power failures that are a once uncommon but now widespread occurrence experienced by homeowners in the central California market.

Integration of Alexa Elements

In an interview, Arch Rao, CEO of Span and former head of the Tesla power storage company said that the inclusion of Alexa interactive elements allows the owners to interact more naturally and sustainably as they interact with technologies in their households.

With this week’s incorporation, customers with Span panels and Alexa might inquire which appliances consume the most. This type of visibility needs circuit-level surveillance which, at least not in high-definition data, is inaccessible from any virtual home power monitoring or electricity propagation platform today. The CEO said that battery-equipped households might even question how many hours of backup energy they are using for the tasks they pre-determined as “must-haves” and adjust the combination of equipment in that list in the event of failures.

Households Implement Sustainability

Home energy providers worldwide are attempting to explore Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and other less known VAD platforms, including Samsung, Apple, and Honeywell, in market opening. VAD platforms are currently being built in the market. Wood Mackenzie predicts that by 2023 at least 65 million homeowners in the USA will have a discrete VAD and become a central energy management tool in the next few years.

A host of rivals in Spain’s early entrance into the intelligent electric panel market moves on this level of incorporation. High masses, such as Schneider Electric and Eaton, have launched models for their installations, primarily targeting households with a solar rooftop and batteries. Installed power panels and hard-wearing loads are frequently upgraded during power failures.

Solar Manufacturers and Collaborators

Solar power manufacturers, including Sunrun, Tesla, Genera, and Sonnen, offer advanced technology to control household blackout times and battery production. Startups, including ConnectDER and Lumin, which make complementary hardware that can perform similar tasks are enhanced by technicians and distributors to use solar batteries.

While Rao did not report the number of panels sold, he found out that they were primarily built in Hawaii, Texas, Florida, Nevada, and Washington. The firm’s solar panels belong to the LG Chem solar storage “configurable support”, and Span also has a relationship with Panasonic’s home battery enterprise.

Alexa Incorporated Into Span's Smart Home Electrical Panel

Introducing Electric Cars

Another main integration goal is electric cars that can use up to more than half of an average household’s overall power load. Span’s ownership of open-source EV charger OpenEVSE has been proven and is trying to combine it with more suppliers, Rao said, but he did not include names. Moreover, he shared that the next ten years will consist of electrification of vehicles and all household devices.  And the fact that this cannot happen without modernizing infrastructure is increasingly being realized.

Rao says that Munich RE is now pursuing strategic options with Span, one of the most effective reinsurance services in the market. It is a backstop of many products you find in the insurance industry. One of the business proposals is that a digital device is required in homes to help items such as solar guarantees or machinery.

Customer Satisfaction and Investment

Rao also discusses how the panel can satisfy utility needs. The business does collaborate with a handful of services that see the boards as the next wave of solutions that can provide for consumers, but he wouldn’t give any more information. He said that not only does it send people high-quality data, but it can also supply them with measurement data for the production and multiple loads of renewable electricity that power meters can’t access.

Installing an old electrical panel with the Smart Panel is an instant advantage for solar construction schemes. It removes all the inconvenience and difficulty when installing an energy-storage sub-panel. It’s a quicker and simpler whole operation of developing an entirely new world of home energy supply and sales.

Solar Rates and Supplies

Rao shared that the market has remained stagnant over the past three or four years at the solar growth rate. Solar usage is mostly increasingly correlated with the sale of storage and power charging, but the company expects electric appliances to do even more this decade. This offers solar installers the chance to lead a product that helps consumers provide more goods and services, while also supplying customers with accurate data.

On the manufacturing side, you might see an indefinite future in which a smart panel span is first sold and built before a client is likely to invest in solar or batteries to gain electrified insight into the home. In this case, the solar manufacturer is more of a home power retailer. Selling solar panels or even a more robust climate control is a smoother marketing strategy with concrete data down the line.

Alexa Incorporated Into Span's Smart Home Electrical Panel


Customers gradually embrace clean energy innovations such as solar power, battery supplies, and electric cars to increase their energy resilience and minimize carbon emissions. With that stated, the goal of Span is to step up the implementation of renewable home energy improvements including solar, battery, and alternative fuels.

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