A Quick Yet Significant Glimpse About Sonos Beam

A Quick Yet Significant Glimpse About Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam is a very popular soundbar on the market today. Despite the small size of this soundbar, it is completely packed with perfect audio punch.

Sonos Beam is an impressive and, possibly, the smartest soundbar you should not miss to purchase in the market. It is considered a state-of-the-art model due to its inclusion of a multi-room type of audio technology. It can also be used easier and simpler compared to other kinds of soundbars.

A Quick Yet Significant Glimpse About Sonos Beam

If, for instance, you unexpectedly overlook the cutting-edge specifications and features of Sonos Beam, you can try to focus on the multi-room platforms and their smart abilities instead. Doing such a thing, you will definitely determine how fantastic such a soundbar is. This will also give you an idea of why it is also worth buying compared to others.

What Makes Sonos Beam Different

There are a huge number of soundbar offered in the market these days. This makes it difficult for avid soundbar fans to choose which products meet their needs among those available for consumption. Regardless, one of the biggest hits in the market now is the Sonos Beam. It is a very popular soundbar equipped with the best features that can exceed your expectations.

Unique and best design of a soundbar

As far as Sonos Beam’s soundbar design is concerned, you would be amazed knowing that it perfectly fits your audio needs. This soundbar is suitable for different Sonos speakers and setups of theater audios. It is also deemed an entry-level kind of soundbar that you can just listen to while watching your 40-inch or 32-inch television.

Sonos Beam soundbar measures about 68.5 by 100 by 650 in millimeters. It is 60% smaller compared to its super-sized soundbar siblings. Nonetheless, it has an HDMI connectivity addition that other units don’t have. It is also known to be a slick-looking product with touch-sensitive top controls. Its look is identical to the Sonos Play5 and Sonos One.

The setup of Sonos Beam is very simple. It has a square made of four dots on its left side for the volume down and another one on the right side for volume up. The middle button of the soundbar is intended for the pause or play. Above it is the button for you to press to turn the speaker’s microphone off and on.

This soundbar can be plonked or mounted just beside or even in front of your television. With a depth of about 100mm, most televisions can have this set just in front. Inside, this soundbar highlights three passive kinds of radiators, a center tweeter, and completely range drivers. These work together to deliver the best sound for you to listen to.

Easy and simple setup of Sonos Beam

Meanwhile, talking about the setup of the Sonos Beam, it can be either of these two. The first one is applicable for televisions that feature an HDMI ARC. Referred to as cinch, this type of TV allows the soundbar to picture and sync up the audio. Rest assured that everything will work perfectly with your television having this kind of soundbar.

A Quick Yet Significant Glimpse About Sonos Beam

The last significant thing about this Sonos Beam is that this soundbar doesn’t have a remote. You need to utilize the Sonos app to modify the volume and connect to the speakers, among others. However, if you’re building a home theater, you may want to have this as a mere addition, but not the only way when controlling your speakers.  

Meanwhile, if your TV doesn’t have an HDMI ARC, things can get a bit more complex. To let the soundbar work properly, you need to focus on Sonos app settings. You also need to perform reconfiguration on the Beam to ensure that the soundbar will automatically appear once you turn the television on. Another action you should take is to use the autoplay setting in the TV’s room option to configure the soundbar.

You may also take advantage of a room setting where you can find the EQ option. Apart from that, you can visit your television’s dialog settings to let you sync voices if you don’t like it. With this soundbar’s easy and simple setup, you can be guaranteed that you will have the best sound while watching television.

Sonos Beam Voice Control and Performance

Most of the soundbar in the market features the same voice control and performance ratings. But, with Sonos Beam, you can expect to receive not only a different experience but a better one as well. Its voice control and performance are really on top, making it the number one choice on the market.

Amazing voice control

Another best attribute of Sonos Beam is Alexa’s integration. It was first observed in the Sonos One soundbar, where such a feature also works perfectly. This is already available on Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and even Amazon. Hence, you will be able to experience it as far as its voice control is concerned.

Notwithstanding, even without the back-end technology of Amazon, you can still utilize its voice control, especially when controlling the volume and requesting for radio stations. You can also use it for playing and pausing whatever sounds you are going to listen to. Even though you are using HDMI ARC, you can still turn your television off and off with this Alexa integration.

Another best thing is that if you’re one of those smart assistants bevies, you are very much capable of using this soundbar hands-free. There is already AirPlay 2, Siri integration and Alexa, and even Google Assistant for English speaking kind of territories. This is the reason why almost everybody is excited to purchase this soundbar.

Best performance ever

Before this Sonos Beam was offered on the market, a demonstration was done to assure that this product would be a big hit in the market. During the demo, the soundbar sounded great and fantastic. It also offers deeper and richer audio, which is extraordinary considering its size. Apart from that, it is offered at a relatively modest price.

The in-home setting, together with the Trueplay configured, soundbar results were indeed striking. The Beam properly managed to give impactful and clear sounds. It was also paired with Sonos One rear speakers, and it provides outstanding audio. This is truly the best kind of soundbar offered in the market that you should spend your money on.

A Quick Yet Significant Glimpse About Sonos Beam


Sonos Beam is the best and most fantastic soundbar in the market. It’s a superb-sounding and great-looking device that is packed with powerful features and innovations. You are assured that your money, time, and effort will not be wasted if you wish to purchase this Sonos Beam. Besides the fact that it gives you the best audio, it also boasts the best features you will never find from other soundbars.

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