2020 Smart Home Trends Worth Watching

2018 Smart Home Trends Worth Watching

Many home appliances were featured in the last CES show with the incredible milestones accomplished in the technological sphere. Check out 2020 Smart Home Trends Worth Watching. But it does not end there; more smart devices are expected to feature in the future shows and even beyond. This is because of the popular demand that makes the manufacturers keep producing to cover the ever-rising need. It gets even better as it is underway to come up with a way to link and pair up smart devices so that they work in collaboration to serve you better. Of course, this is on top of the intelligent home security devices and the smart voice control devices.

Smart Home Security Devices


Home security appliances and products will never be outdated. There is a continuous push to keep advancing them further and creating more improved versions of the existing ones. While you are watching out for all the home security options brought to you, remember that it is vital to examine in depth the costs of the devices now and in the future. Decide whether the systems will give you the service for your money if they are long-lasting, and the details about their servicing.

With new security systems set to be launched, the focus is mainly on the double service of most of the systems. Stakeholders say that for instance, you can use security cameras to run surveillance within your home while at the same time use them to see visitors and incoming family members at the door on the top is a communication tool for the whole family.

Watch out for the anticipated Blink Video Doorbell which according to stakeholders has two-year battery life. Such is what people look for as it saves on a lot while giving the best service.

Still in the home security section, wait for the new Aura Motion Sensors, which the inventor’s claim can serve the function of alerting you in case of any movement in your house while at the same time discerning the different motions to avoid false alarm. This is a huge plus considering the other motion sensors could alert you even when your cat moved around. Check out the smart vacuum cleaner.

Smart Voice Control System

Google assistant

We have heard so much about Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant among others of the same caliber.  Anticipations are high for more smart voice control devices and systems on top of these. The control mechanisms and operational mechanisms are also expected to become more sophisticated.

It is expected that there will be double-up on most of these smart voice controls in such a way that other smart voice devices can be controlled via the already-existing Siri, Alexa, or Google assistant. This comes even as Apple is working day and night to come up with Home kits that are compatible with other devices. It is also underway to produce appliances that can integrate more than one device in them.

Take for example the latest release of the Ecobee 4 that has many outstanding properties. Note that it also has Alexa within the system making the idea of doubling on smart devices seem smart and workable.

On the same note, Ecobee Company also unleashed another device compatible with Alexa. The smart light switch is operated in conjunction with Alexa and works even better. This technically means more appliances can be paired up.

Watch out for an improvement on the Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator. Experts deduce that it is coming with additional smart properties on top of having a touch screen used to operate it. Maybe it is soon going to use voice command as well.

Also, anticipate the Whirlpool Cabrio WTW8700EC Washing Machine to come armed with an app that you can download and install on your smartphone to use in operating it. It would make life a lot easier if all or most home appliances can be operated via mobile phone apps.

The GE Kitchen and laundry appliances in general already feature Alexa voice controls in their systems, and there is no telling what more to expect with the rapid advancement of technology.

More Smart Integrations

We have witnessed a smart system integration over the past few months. For instance, the Bosch Home Connect kitchen ovens can be linked with the Nest Protect system. This means the smoke detectors can automatically turn off if the smoke dies away. We think more is yet to come, but we can only wait.

Bosch Home Connect ovens also integrated with smart food scale systems recently. This allows for the smart oven to be automated to adjust depending on the different recipes you may be made using the Drop App.

Perhaps the most anticipated smart innovation is that which will make all these smart systems work together. For instance, the smart devices in your house can communicate with each other whenever the need arises to adjust accordingly. Let us say you leave your window open, and the wind causes the curtain to sway up and about, the smart motion sensor will detect that it is not human movement and communicate with the smart window and door lock to shut the window. We can only imagine that then, your only job will be to update the apps and sit back. Your smart home devices will do all the work for you at the touch of a button.


These smart home systems are here to work for us and make us use less energy with our chores. For now, we can only look up to CES to work harder beyond the boundaries to be able to solidify the convenience of these useful smart appliances. On top of that, we look forward to pimped up security systems to come up to beef up any pending loopholes that the old security systems in the home did not cover. Even if the systems are costly, for example, there is no telling how much more we could lose without them. The reverse is also true; we can invest in these systems for them to safeguard us from any loss or harm.

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