11 Smart Home Devices To Better Your Homes In 2021

11 Smart Home Devices To Better Your Homes In 2021

The digital era has seen a lot of innovations in the tech industry. From smart apps to modern home devices, 2021 has more in store.

Choosing from a plethora of present-day devices is definitely not an easy task, even more so that the technology market now offers numerous smart home devices, all designed with cutting-edge technology. Such devices are well-suited to the lifestyle of today and can do more than just offer plain convenience. You could use these to cut down on your utility expenses or incorporate these into your everyday routine.

Given the many brands fighting for a solid position in terms of home technology, you need to be smart in choosing what’s best. Whatever the purpose, it’s definitely worth checking out the 10 most preferred smart home devices.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

This is the perfect clock for the new generation. Its LED display has been made even more visible compared to its predecessor. Whether you need its timer features for your kitchen endeavors or simply the alarm for your day-to-day routines, this clock is very ideal for placing on your nightstand or the kitchen counter.

This smart device allows you to keep in touch with others hands-free. Alexa also gives you added features such as answering questions, airing the news, monitoring the weather, and many more. You can set the Echo Dot to control your smart home, and instructions such as locking the doors and adjusting the thermostats will now be manageable – all you need is your voice. And the best part of this smart device is its rich audio quality, all compressed in a puck-shaped, compact, and sleek design.

 Arlo Q

If you’re looking for a camera that is useful at any time of day, you’ll never go wrong with Arlo Q. It prides itself on its high-quality video resolution and its sensitivity to movement and sound. Add to that the free-cloud storage capacity, the scheduling flexibility, and the hassle-free set-up feature, you can better protect your home without the worry of running out of battery juice as it plugs directly into a power source.

11 Smart Home Devices To Better Your Homes In 2021

Ecobee SmartThermostat

The upgrade to the Ecobee4 is a very welcome change. This fifth-generation thermostat comes with full Alexa support and a better-sounding speaker, though not ideal for huge parties, but good enough to serve as background music. What’s more, it has Spotify support and is built with powerful remote sensors that detect both occupancy and temperature with a much better range. Meaning, if somebody’s in the house, it adjusts accordingly, making it a good energy-saving smart device.

Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit

This Starter Kit beats out its competition with its extensive compatibility with your other smart-home systems. By linking to the Philips Hue App, you get to control the dimness and brightness of your light bulbs individually. You also have the option to schedule a routine for your lights to switch on and off in certain areas of the house, like the “vacation mode” or the “after sunset” option. To add, its geofencing feature determines your routines, such as when you are arriving home or leaving the house, all based on the location of your phone.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Considered one of the best smart locks, this offers an easy installation system that works with Alexa, Nest, Google Assistant, and many more. This smart lock comes in a smaller design and a single universal adapter plate. Its DoorSense button alerts you if the door has been left ajar, and the auto-lock and auto-unlock function can be set automatically if you’re within Bluetooth range of the device.

11 Smart Home Devices To Better Your Homes In 2021

Nest Hello

Dubbed as the best video doorbell, the Nest Hello boasts of the superior quality of its recording, along with its speaker and microphone. Its facial recognition software offers extra protection to your home, being able to identify the person at your door and distinguishing between humans and objects. Sound detection is also an extra perk.

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

This Smart Plug is a perfect choice for its extensive function. It allows you to control any appliances and lights, and it comes in a small, compact look. If technology tends to be overwhelming, you could simply operate the plug directly at the power source.

Nest Protect

By far one of the best smart smoke detectors, the Nest Protect is very perceptive when it comes to picking up carbon monoxide and smoke. In an emergency, it provides visual assistance by changing the LED color LED to signify the urgency, and controlling the lights to mark your way out of the house. The most unique feature of this alarm is its verbal alerts, specific to the nature of the crisis and the area it is happening in.

The Nest Protect enables you to connect to any of your smart-home systems, like Google Home, Philips Hue Lights, and your smart plugs. You can also choose either the battery-powered type or the hard-wired model.

Samsung SmartThings

If your home is full of smart home devices, it is a good idea to have a central system that controls all. Luckily, Samsung SmartThings can do this for you. With its built-in Wi-Fi, connecting it to a router is no longer necessary.

Chamberlain MyQ

To all car owners out there, you should check out the best smart garage door opener: the Chamberlain MyQ. Connectivity to a Wi-Fi network, as well as a garage door sensor makes it an ideal choice, despite not being compatible with Alexa.

Shark Ion R85

Pet lovers are definitely going gaga over this robot vacuum. Its ability to pick up dirt, pet hair, and other small debris makes it a top-notch smart device. Of course, it works with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you get to control it using your smartphone, or your voice.

11 Smart Home Devices To Better Your Homes In 2021


2021 indeed boasts of fine advancements. It is no wonder then that smart home devices are fast becoming a trend. And considering the wide range of smart home gadgets, it would be worth knowing which ones are suited to your lifestyle needs.

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