Amazon Alexa Skills: The Best, Newest & Latest Alexa Skills of 2017

Congratulations on your new Amazon Alexa! Surely by now, you are just getting into the process of setting it up and connecting it to your local WiFi network. That is easy enough, but finding the best Amazon Alexa Skills to get the optimal use out of Alexa is a different story! This guide will highlight the best skills you should download and install immediately to start turning your house into a Smart Home!

Amazon Alexa Skills: The Updated 2017 List

Philips Hue Alexa Skill

There is the Philips Hue skill which is the single biggest impact simply because you can change the entire color of the inside of your house with a push! You can control and synchronize every light, in every room in your house with this skill, and it even allows you to control the brightness and unique, custom colors from anywhere in the world.

WeMo Alexa Skill

This skill is particularly awesome if you live in a dangerous area, or you care about your personal and home security. This Alexa Skill allows you to control electrical switches, security cameras, and much more. Imagine being able to see what’s happening inside your house when you are abroad. Imagine being able to see who just knocked on your front door. Imagine being able to turn on an electrical switch all from a simple voice command. That’s right; it’s hands-free!

Nest Alexa Skill

There is one famous Alexa Skill that everyone loves but rarely talks about. This is especially true inside the home. This is because this Alexa Skill allows you to control your Smart Thermostat from anywhere in the world! Imagine being able to deactivate your air conditioner when you leave the house for work, and reactivate it an hour before you get home. You will have to buy a Smart Thermostat from Nest, but it pays for itself with the electric energy savings.

Logitech Harmony Alexa Skill

Imagine using your smart TV without even having to touch your remote! Now, with this Alexa Skill, you can control almost every aspect of your Smart TV with your voice alone! You can turn your TV on and off, launch your Netflix account app, cycle through the channels, and adjust the volume all on voice commands!


Ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat with Sensor

Amazon Alexa Skills: The Newest for Personal Convenience

Automatic Alexa Skill

The Automatic car adapter allows you to monitor and measure a lot of critical issues and data related to your car. This can help you find where you last parked it, how much you drove over the past seven days and even how much gas you have left in your car!

Lyft Alexa Skill

Sorry, Uber! While you have created a nice Alexa Skill that works with Alexa, it pales in comparison to Lyft’s Alexa Skill! Lyft’s Alexa Skill is much more powerful, not only allowing you to hail a ride with the app automatically, but it also allows you to automatically instruct the driver where to take you with saved destinations! It even allows you to rate the driver, and ask how long the ride will take based on current traffic patterns!

TrackR Alexa Skill

“OH MY GOD, WHERE IS MY PHONE!?”, Said everyone at some point in their life. Now, with the TrackR Alexa Skill, you will never have to worry about this again! This allows you to find your lost phone, even if it’s outside of the house! If it’s in another city entirely, you can even see the address estimation of where your phone was last! If you left your phone on silent in the house, the app will circumvent that and automatically make noise so you can find it buried under your cushions!


Amazon Alexa Skills: The Latest for Your Health and Body

7-Minute Workout Alexa Skill

Nobody enjoys the first stages of working out, but the 7-Minute Workout Alexa Skill can provide you some additional motivational pushes to start turning your body into a rock-hard machine that you’ve always wanted. This app alone won’t do it all, but it is famous for basically annoying you to the point where you get over the curb, and find yourself enjoying the workout.

My Chef and Chefling Alexa Skills

WOW! This one is amazing for those who frequently cook at home. The My Chef app works and syncs with the Chefling App, allowing you to turn your kitchen into a truly Smart Kitchen. These skills will keep track of what food and products you have inside your pantry and kitchen, and monitors expiration times and even allows you to automatically have your weekly or monthly food and produce delivered to your house. Imagine staring at your refrigerator and just seeing the Cheddar cheese, but unable to decide what to make. You can ask “What can I make with Cheddar cheese?” and based on the products you have in your kitchen, it will give you a variety of options of things to make instantly! It will even give you the exact recipe of the food you choose to make!

IFTTT Alexa Skill – (If This Then That)

Last, but not least, is the famous IFTTT Alexa Skill. This skill allows you to create your own fully customizable skills using the IFTTT platform. There are already a vast number of custom skills you can download that perform some functions. These consist of adding things to your Google Calendar, making To-Do Lists, Exporting shopping lists, creating Notes, and Reminders. This is an extremely powerful feature, and we recommend everyone give it a shot, even if it just means downloading other custom skills created by other users!